Primera Semana

Week 1 Recap (written at different times)

Summary:  It was not the most eventful week so I apologize in advance for no memorable stories.  I flew in late Sunday (3/8) night and began Spanish classes early Monday morning.  Having morning classes also explains why I stayed away from the nightlife during week 1.  During my free time I enjoyed the local cuisine and got to know backpackers with interesting stories.  One guy is traveling Central and South America working on a boxing documentary as another guy is an investigative journalist following a group of ex-drug lords trying to save children from getting involved in the seemingly untouchable drug business.  I spent one afternoon on the beach (see pics of Miraflores below) and another afternoon in salsa class.  I am currently on a 24 hour bus ride from Lima to Cusco (Fri night) and this coming week will not be any more eventful than week 1 – in fact, it will be less eventful as I have eight hours of formal class each day.  I’ll have a ton more fun the following week as I begin El Camino Inca (Inca Trail) trek.

La Playa de Miraflores (Lima, Peru)

Miraflores Beach

La Playa de Miraflores (Lima, Peru) II

Miraflores Beach

Park of Love

Park of Love

Madre Teresa del Sagrado Corazon

Madre Teresa del Sagrado Corazon

Random topics below – subjects are in bold – read based on your interests:

Within four days of class I was conversational in SPANISH and it was the most fulfilling feeling I’ve had in months. Years of studying spanish came back quickly.  While in Miraflores (upscale suburb in Lima), I had grammar and conversation classes daily with two and three students, respectively.  This week will be intense as I have private lessons for four hours in the morning followed by four hours of group lessons in the afternoon.  Tengo miedo!!

It’s been a treat to visit a city on the Pacific as the FOOD was amazing.  I ate as much pescado (fish) as possible.  One of my favorite dishes is ceviche so I was in heaven without breaking the bank!  The only local meal I did not enjoy was breakfast – or better yet, the lack there of breakfast.  It is normal to have a couple pieces of bread and a cup of tea/coffee – that’s it!  Quero que la comida de Cusco es delicioso.

It’s a shame that the U.S. does not have a stronger culture of INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL amongst its youth.  While an interest in traveling exists, it’s quite different for us.  I constantly meet young travelers who take a year before or after university to see the world.  The intention to travel transcends a simple desire to see the world and includes a hope to learn more about oneself and use the experience to shape one’s future goals.  It begs the question, what forces shape the goals of students in the US?

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been on this BUS for over 17 hours… sounds bad but I’m having a great time.  The food is good, my seat reclines fully, and I’m upstairs in a front row panoramic view seat.  The first leg of the trip curved south along the Pacific eventually turning east at which point the trip became significantly slower as we drove through deserts and scaled mountains.  As I’m writing this, we are at a high altitude driving through fog… even so, it is gorgeous winding along the road and seeing sunrays sneaking between the peaks of mountains.

It was great taking my work hat off a couple months back and it’s even nicer to put a student hat back on as I study Spanish but I’m itching to get back to WORK.  For now I’ll try not to think about it since my orientation is three weeks away and I’m certain time will fly.

Until next time – cheers,



5 Responses to “Primera Semana”

  1. Shanthi Says:

    Cuando estas en Cusco- por favor visite a Mama Africa y Mythology. If you come across a tour guide named Percy, please tell him Shanthi said hi! Enjoy Cusco for the cultural capital that it is, and explore la ciudad donde yo me dejé la corazon. Theres so much to do, love it up!

  2. Falyne Says:

    sounds amazing! I am living vicariously thru you, just so you know 🙂 my next trip is hopefully to South America!!!

  3. Tina Says:

    At the end of this, I want an entire post in Spanish! haha =)

  4. Subin Says:

    No segundo semana?

  5. Sandhya Says:

    alright stud, it’s been quite awhile…time to update!!

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